some nights
with our wandering    –  eyes
We couldn’t conversate.
so we threw our weight
angry eyes turned
and twisted to tangled limbs
in the morning glow.

– K


2 thoughts on “Touch

    • I fully acknowledge that conversate is a non word but then again Shakespeare invented over 1700 words(all of which were non words at the time.). What I’m trying to get at is poetry and writing alike is beautiful for the fact you can manipulate words and play around in such a way to get the desired effect. 

      The reason why I used ‘conversate’ was firstly I wanted to show that the subjects showed a deeper realtionship since the word is so informal. The second reason was that conversate does really sound closer to conversation and something that most experts note in the success of any realtionship is communication.

      Personally for me, conversate fit just right regardless of the fact it’s invalid. Rather I believe that the purpose it serves validates it.

      Though it’s people like you who keep the English language alive and thriving,  so I thank you for pointing that out.

      Thanks for the visit.

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