some nights
with our wandering    –  eyes
We couldn’t conversate.
so we threw our weight
angry eyes turned
and twisted to tangled limbs
in the morning glow.

– K




hold me to your chest
            –          block the sounds out
cover my trembling lips
with the warm of yours
remove any doubt
               –       of safety in your arms
because I’m scared

– – and I need you.

– K

River running

River running

Okay, I’ll be perfectly honest with you.

My name is K and I have an ugly crying face.

As in my face contorts into an expression scarier than any Halloween mask invented. So quite often than not, you may feel the need to run from me than comfort me. Which is okay because one look in the mirror while crying my guts out, can send me from bawling to being deadly silent.

It got me thinking about the hilarity of crying itself, for women and men alike.

Sometimes you don’t actually want to cry.

I mean one second you’re okay and the next your eyes are leaking. Then you sort of go like ‘Okay body, why are we crying? Did I miss a meeting or…?”

Other times you really wish you could not cry.

You’re in a not so favouring situation and you need to come across as strong but your tears are here for the emotion festival. “No stop it tears! Go back! Oh great look what you’ve done, now I have to try and downplay this one.”

How about those ninja tears?
The ones that sneak out during that sad scene of the film? It’s so unexpected and you’re left thinking -“ Is this how it feelings feel like?”

Oh and my favourite of them all, anger and/or frustration tears.

I have no way to form a coherent sentence in which I can tell you how much you infuriate me, that my body has started to malfunction.

The beauty about tears though, is the fact that not everyone cries nor does everyone know how to react while someone is crying.

Pro tip if you do ever find me crying, cover your eyes and slowly back away. I’ll close the flood gates and will shortly resume in normal functioning order.

Question for those who dare… What would you describe your crying to be?

I would describe mine to be the sound of a dinosaur dying – loud and unbearable.